zeta% uname -a
SunOS zeta 4.1.4 2 sun4
zeta% uptime
17:29 up 112 days, 3:58, 17 users, load averages: 1.64 1.20 1.08    
zeta% cat /etc/motd
zeta% /usr/local/bin/Mosaic &
[1] 1729

Jeffrey L. Vagle

- Research Focus: Privacy, cybersecurity, and the ethics of technology
- Faculty Pages:
   • Georgia State University College of Law
   • GSU Center for Evidence-Based Cybersecurity
   • Stanford Law School Center for Internet and Society
- Scholarship and Other Writing:
   • Being Watched (NYU Press)
   • Selected papers
   • Just Security

Email: jvagle [at] gsu.edu or jvagle [at] tractatus.org [GPG Public Key]
Twitter: @jvagle
Mastodon: @jvagle@mamot.fr
counter.social: @jvagle@counter.social
Keybase: jlv